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August 6, 2005
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Kandinskii by jSepia Kandinskii by jSepia
I know the title is silly, but "Asciinski" sounds even worse. :lmao:

For those who don't know, Wassily Kandinsky (1866~1944) is a wonderful russian painter, and one of my favourite artists. He is known for his abstract works, where lines, points and other geometric shapes evolve together in a seemingly chaotic harmony. My goal was to create something in Kandinsky's style, but through my own medium, ASCII art. Of course, I'm far from being the genius he was. This is just a rough likeness. I consider it slightly unfinished too.

I did this in two days (not continuously), using PabloDraw. I didn't do any previous sketch, I just started drawing right away after having studied some of his paintings. Most of the techniques used are described in my Solid ASCII Art Tutorial.

This is my entry for the ASCII Art Revolutions contest held by `diamondie. It's going under the Revolutionary Typesets category, just because it's colored. That's also the reason why I placed it in the ANSI section.

As always, you can press Download to Desktop to get the original .ans file. :)

Edit: Thanks to ~DampeS8N for the useful suggestions. I added and refined some of the black lines too, and edited the big purple circle. Added a bit of green in some areas.
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It's amazing, although, I downloaded it and I can't open. :X
Bloody awesome
I like the concept and approach, but you may wish to explore the high-ascii realm to works towards the zen of shaping. Once you increase how many characters you are comfortable using, you will find that you can texturize geometric shapes in interesting new ways, avoiding pure repetition in favour of subtle nuance.
frnchx Aug 18, 2005  Student Photographer
Neat piece!
Its very colourful and artistic in more than one way.
I like the bottom left bit, the fading grids are lovely.

Needless to say I know where you got your inspiration from
Good job on being second place, too. :winner:
Thanks! I'm not sure if you fully understand where my inspiration came from. One of my classmates did a cubist painting once, I took the grid from there. =P
Cooooool... I like your chiseling! Guess what? I made you and all the other winners of `diamondie's contest ascii trophies! You can do what you want with it, submit it to your gallery/scraps to showcase it if you like. Here it is: [link] Congratulations!

I just realized that your deviations aren't on my deviantwatch... time to fix that!
A second place, a DD and now a shining trophy, can my day get any better? :D Thank you so much!

I'd like to put it in my Shoutboard, but it's still not fixed. =P It will stay on my website for now. Thanks again!
Np, anything for a fellow ASCII artist :)
:lol: Yes the title sound silly, but the picture looked great. :clap:
Amazing appropriation of Kandinski's work. Love him as well. Don't know much of ASCII, though.
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